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Harmony Balancing Serum (30ml)

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A serum that actually absorbs? She’s here, and she means serious business.

Our Harmony Balancing Serum is an oil-free serum perfect for those with oily and combination skin who experience breakouts and excess oil. Containing Niacinamide and Licorice Root Extract, this serum will balance oil production, soothe the skin, and leave you glowing. Unscented, unpretentious, unbelievably touch dry immediately. Add your new fave vitamin B serum to your routine and glow on, girl!

Key Ingredients:

  • Niacinamide (Vitamin B3): Balances oil production.
  • Licorice Root Extract: Soothes and reduces redness.
  • White Willow Bark: Reduces excess oil and exfoliates.
  • Panthenol (Vitamin B5): Encourages healing of wounds.
  • Coconut Extract: Hydrates and softens the skin.
  • Aspen Bark: Provides natural preservation.

Skin Type:

All Skin Types, Particularly Beneficial for Oily / Problematic / Blemished Skin Types

Ingredients: Purified Water, Vegetable (Palm Free) Glycerine, Niacinamide (Vitamin
B3), Salix Alba (White Willow Bark), Glycyrrhiza Glabra (Licorice) Root Extract,
Panthenol (Vitamin B5), Sclerotium (Mushroom) Gum, Lactobacillus (Radish Root)
Ferment, Cocos Nucifera (Coconut) Fruit Extract, Populus Tremuloides (Aspen Bark)

  • <p>No animal testing</p>

    No animal testing

    We believe in the compassionate development of beauty products. Our formulas are never tested on animals.

  • Vegan

    Our products are entirely plant-based, containing no animal-derived ingredients or byproducts.

  • Eco-friendly

    We strive to minimize our environmental impact through sustainable sourcing and packaging practices.

  • <p>paraben-free</p>


    Our products are formulated without parabens, potentially harmful preservatives, to promote long-term skin health.

  • sulfate-free

    We avoid harsh sulfates that can strip natural oils, ensuring our products gently cleanse without irritation.